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This is your dispatch for Wednesday July 30th, 2014. Members please call (780) 482-0720 between 8:00 and 8:30am. Travel cards and probationary members call in between 10:00am and 10:30am. CSTS-09, OSSA Safety Certified, Pre-access testing and AB Trade Equivalency certification is required. If these job postings do not have a current date, please refer to our Job Line / Recording at 780-482-1637 in Edmonton or 780-791-5866 in Ft. McMurray.

   Any United States Journeyman Ironworkers, Journeyman Welders or Journeyman Rodman who are interested in working through our Local please do not call the Local as we are just collecting names via email. You must forward a resume, copies of your trade tickets (qualifications), FBI clearance check and you must also carry a valid passport and not have a criminal record (including impaired driving charges). Please send to For further details please refer to the “Foreign Workers” link under Working in Alberta.           



·         Capitol Steel @ Walterdale Bridge looking for versatile Jry Welders with all position stick and flux-core tickets for 2 months+, 5 – 8s+ schedule. Practice and pre-job test for mechanical flux-core done at the hall. Job is to commence early fall. Commercial agreement. Training starts ASAP at the hall.

·         Ironworkers Local 720 has two Local Union Trustee positions available. Please forward your name and contact information to


·         3 year Member, Brother Al Spooner, passed away on July 21st. The Funeral arrangements will be announced. Our deepest sympathies go out to his family.


·         55 year Member, Brother Victor Morawski, has passed away. The funeral has already taken place. Our deepest sympathies go out to his family.


·         The Sub Office will be open this Thursday July 31st from 4:00 – 8:00 PM.


·         Diggers BBQ and family event is fundraising for the Alberta Cancer Foundation on August 22nd and 23rd. The location is 900m south of Highway 627 on RR22 on the West side at Saskatoon Valley Orchard. Click here for the map.


·         Local 720 just completed a Workface Planning training course. For any contractors looking to employ Workface Planners, please contact dispatch at the hall


·         The Local 720 Show & Shine will be on Saturday, August 23rd


·         Please note that scholarship applications are now available online

·         If members have any additional suggestions to contribute in regards to the Collective Agreement bargaining, please send them to or fax them to 780-482-0874. This includes any structural, commercial and reinforcing concerns.


·         The Local 720 office will be answering phone calls during the lunch hour (12pm-1pm)

Edmonton Area:

·         A&H @ Pax Air Redwater Req: 3 Jry Rodmen for 1 mth+, 5-10’s schedule. Industrial Agreement. Starts ASAP.


·         AGF Alberta Rebar @ Edm Area Req: 2 Jry Rodmen for 2 wks+, 4 – 10s+ schedule. Commercial agreement. Starts: ASAP

·         Acadia Rebar @ Edm Area Req: 3 Jry Rodmen or experienced Rodmen for 1 mth+, 6 – 10s schedule. Commercial agreement. Starts: July 28th


·         Acadia Rebar @ Gibbons Req: 3 Jry or experienced Rodmen for 2 wks+, 6 – 10s+ schedule. Own transportation req’d. Commercial agreement and industrial rate. Starts: ASAP


·         Allied @ Heathfield Substation Req: 2 Jry Rodmen for 1 month+, 4 – 10s+ schedule. Own transportation req’d, commercial agreement. Starts: ASAP

·         Harris Rebar @ Edm Area Req: 7 Jry or experienced Rodmen for 2 wks+, 5 – 8s schedule. Commercial agreement, industrial rate. Starts: ASAP


·         Lafarge @ Edm Area Req: 2 Apprentice rodmen for 2 mths+, 5 – 8’s. Commercial Agreement. Starts ASAP.


·         LCI @ Edmonton Req: 2 Jry Rodmen and 2 – 2nd or 3rd apprentice Rodmen for 2 wks+, 5-8’s+ schedule. Own transportation required. Commercial Agreement. Starts ASAP.


·         Superior Steel @ Edm Area Req: 1 versatile Jry Welder for 2 wks+, 4 – 10s schedule. Commercial experience required. Commercial agreement. Starts: ASAP

Fort McMurray Area:

·         Ace Industrial @ Town Shop Req: 2 Jry Welders for 1 mth+. 4-10’s+ schedule. No camp and no sub. provided. Starts: ASAP

·         Aecon @ Suncor Req: 2 Jry IW’s and 1 Jry versatile Welder for 1 week. 10 & 4. Premium rates for this weekend. Layout and Fabrication experience required. PLA Agreement. Starts ASAP.

·         Alstom @ Suncor Req: 1 Jry IW for 3 shifts+, 12 hrs/shift. Day shift only. Camp provided and NMA. Starts: Saturday August 9th

·         Alstom @ Suncor Req: 2 Jry IWs for 3 shifts+, 12 hrs/shift. Night shift only. Camp provided and NMA. Starts: Friday August 8th

·         Clearwater @ Syncrude Aurora Req: 1 Jry IW for 3 days+, 10 hrs+/shift. Day shift. Camp provided and GPC agreement. Starts: July 30th


·         Genron @ Suncor Base Plant Req: 1 Jry versatile Welder with rigging experience for 1 month+, 4 – 10s schedule. No camp and no sub. provided. Starts: August 6th

·         KBR @ CNRL Req: 1 Jry IW for 1 month+, 14 & 7 schedule. Camp provided with flights from Edm and Calgary only. PLA. Starts: July 31st or August 4th

·         Waiward @ CNRL Req: 3 Jry IW’s for 2 wks+, 14 & 7 schedule. Camp provided. Flights from Edm and Calgary. HCML Agreement. Starts ASAP